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In times of trouble we sometimes feel as though we are stuck treading water in the ocean of our emotions, and it is overwhelming. At Orlando Christian Counseling, we will throw you a line, and help you weather the storm of whatever turmoil you are being faced with. We provide the staples of counseling services, and strengthen it with an unwavering sense of faith. Our faith can save us, and give us new and clear perspectives through which to view our struggles.

Orlando Christian Counseling offers a unique kind of help, pastoral counseling. Pastoral counseling emphasizes concentration on both spiritual as well as psychological health and well being. It has been found that Christian clients often prefer being in therapy with a Christian therapist, because they feel that a fellow Christian will be able to better understand their faith, religious background and spiritual counseling needs. The approach that we use infuses Biblical principles, prayer and therapeutic treatment.

If you are looking for spiritual strength, emotional stability and healthier relationships with those loved ones around you, then come get help from a fellow Christian. Whatever your religious or therapeutic needs are, take the first step and give us a call; we will help you from there.

Please note, we will also see clients of all faiths (and no faith at all) and we have therapists on staff that are dedicated to nutritional & weight loss counseling.

Call us today at (321) 332-6984(321) 332-6984 to get started, or provide us some information, and we'll contact you: